Banyan Travels

The Banyan Project travels through the spreading area of the Banyan tree, in the tropical belt around the equator and in the northern countries, where the tree is living in shopping malls, offices and living rooms.

The german artist Alfred Banze follows the growing structure of the tropical tree family of ficus (benjamin etc), its vertical and horizontal growing principes.

Tahiti January 2004

Cook Is. Feb. 2004

Fiji February 2004

N. Zealand Feb. 2004

Indonesia March 2004

Thailand March 2004

Germany Nov. 2004

Thailand Dec. 2004

Laos March 2005

China March 2005

Thailand March 2005

Germany Summer 2005

Togo December 2004

Benin December 2005

Ghana December 2005

Vietnam October 2006

Germany Dec. 2006

Cambodia April 2007

Germany June 2007

India October 2007

Venezuela Dec. 2007 - Jan. 2008

Guyana Dec. 2007 - Jan. 2008